Educational Evolution

A non-profit organization for youth and at-risk communities

Street Geekz
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Creative Educational Evolution

Street Geekz

Street GeeKz Liberated


Street GeeKz Liberated is a non-profit organization committed to motivating youth and revitalizing unhealthy communities by way of math, literacy, mental health, sports, and finance while becoming a global beacon of inspiration for creative educational evolution.

Street Geekz


Every child will learn to liberate their unique gifts and distinctive genius, while collectively dissolving the false perception that intelligence has a specific image.

Mini Bio of President

Santana T. Barnes is the President of Street GeeKz Liberated and has over 20 years of experience in youth education.

Committed to motivating educators and students congruently, Santana specializes in innovative educational programming designed to enhance connectivity between educators, students, and communities by way of pedagogy reimagined.